New beginnings…and running away

It somehow seems fitting to me that my first post here, on my brand new blog, be all about that time when I was a full grown adult and ran away.

I bought a plane ticket and left (for a long weekend) without any real travel plan and without any real intentions of letting my sweetheart, family, or most of my friends know that I was leaving. I just left.

And it was glorious!

I spent three or four days wandering around New York City, doing all the things that I wanted to do and not worrying about anyone whining or complaining about visiting another art museum, and not even thinking about where I was going next. I met up with a few very lovely friends, made a few new friends, and had an absolutely wonderful time.

Honestly, I am kind of ready to do it all over again.

NYC Sept 2013_Times Square_feistyharrietTimes Square (not at all my favorite place)

NYC_Sept 2013_Chelsea Market_feistyharrietChelsea Market (a contender for my favorite place)

NYC Sept 2013_Highline 2_feistyharrietThe High Line (be still, my heart!)

NYC Sept 2013_Highline 3_feistyharrietThe High Line

NYC_Sept 2013_Highline flowers 1_feistyharrietOne of the last summer blooms at the High Line

NYC Sept 2013_Central Park Reservoir_feistyharrietCentral Park Reservoir at sunset

What does any of this have to do with starting a new blog? It doesn’t, not really. But it has a lot to do with being brave, being impulsive, being honest with myself and who I am and what I want. It has a lot to do with focusing on the things that I love, the small and beautiful, and trying to let all the big hairy things roll over me. Here’s to new adventures and–cliche alert!–figuring out how to be the best version of myself.

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  1. Becky K

    I understand this post so so well. We need to be brave all by ourselves sometimes. It’s what I did when I went to Italy. I had to remember who I was – just me, not someone’s wife or mom or friend.

    Thank you for telling me about your new home. Love you!


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