Five Things I Learned This Week: Episode 1

A few things I learned this week, in no particular order:

1. A knit maxi dress is a summer weather staple that does not translate well to winter. I attempted to wear mine with a large infinity scarf (good idea) and a pair of boots (bad idea) made out of suede (worst idea EVER!). My dress was sticking to my legs all day, I felt like my ankles were strapped together with a zip tie. Do not try this combination at home, or at the office, or for an activity. Stick to the knee-length skirt or leggings with your suede boots and put that maxi dress in storage until warmer temperatures arrive.

2. Small children wearing plush reindeer antlers and skipping around the mall is charming and adorable. Middle aged men doing the same thing is either ridiculous or frightening, depending on both the antlers and the man.

3. Wednesday evening is the BEST TIME to go to Ikea. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes with a cart full of goodies. There were no crowds, no lines, and no hassle. If only I could put together said goodies with as little headache!

4. There are people who insist the pronunciation of focaccia is faux-cottah. I listened to a 10-minute discussion between two lunchers at the table next to me on this fact. Mr. Fauxcottah was wearing a Mickey Mouse wrist watch and his giant Android phone in an even larger case attached to his belt. Despite Italian pronunciation guides, I’d like to agree that Mr. Focaccia was correct, not Mr Fauxcottah.

5. This one is actually my own fault, but apparently when you call West Elm to check their stock of the most perfect tree topper in the history of tree toppers and they say “Oh yes, we have bunches of them!” you should DEFINITELY request they put one aside with your name on it. A simple “Great! I’ll be there in 20 minutes” does not suffice. The sad ending of this story is that the “bunches” of perfect tree toppers were completely sold out in the 23 minutes it took me to get to West Elm. Sob!

What did you learn this week?

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0 thoughts on “Five Things I Learned This Week: Episode 1

  1. Cygnus2112

    Reading that makes me so glad that my mom ordered our (ridiculously expensive, but that might just be the guy in me talking) tree topper from Pottery Barn before their stock ran out.

  2. RA

    How about a maxi dress with leather boots? Still no? Or flats? I am asking this preemptively because a maxi dress is on my list of purchases for next year, but I don’t really know how to wear it best.

    1. feistyharriet Post author

      I haven’t tried leather boots yet, but I am absolutely willing to do that for you. I have worn my maxi with flats on a number of occassions (just not in the cold…yet). I have 2 maxi dresses and I wore one of them at least once a week from the time I bought them (May) until the temps dropped into the single-digit/sub-zero range. I mostly wear them as a stand-alone piece, or with a cardigan and/or scarf (depending on the temperature) and a few times I’ve put a button-up shirt over the top and tied the shirt-tails into a knot at my waist for a more casual look. I think it is definitely worth purchasing. I have a solid emerald green one and a solid cobalt blue one.


  3. K

    I learned that fleece lined leggings are marvelous.

    I learned that roller skating is really good exercise and that it still hurts when you fall.

  4. audrey

    What did the tree topper look like? Tim and I have been on the lookout for a new one for years (our current one came from a grocery store and is…showing its age, you could say).


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