Cherry Blossoms at the Capitol

Every spring I get all envious of the people who venture out to the mall in Washington, D.C. to enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom there. I live high in the mountains and while there are many flowering trees here, the mountain spring weather means that often they are only in bloom for a few days before a snowstorm destroys them. One must be quick if one wants to enjoy walking among pink and white blossoms. A few years ago when the capitol building complex was overhauled a gravel running path was put in around the entire grounds and lined with two rows of gorgeous flowering cherry trees. Their blooms are the lightest pinkish white and while the trees are still young, wandering through that tunnel of flowers is something I look forward to every spring. Blue Eyes passes the capitol building every day on his way to work, one day he came home and told me it was time to grab my camera and head up. I got there right at the magic hour 15 minutes before sunset when the light is the most golden, and I clicked away until my fingers were frozen. A few days later a massive hail storm turn the petals into shredded ribbons; I am so glad I went when I did.

Capitol Cherry Blossoms 1_feistyharriet_April 2014

Capitol Cherry Blossoms 3_feistyharriet_April 2014

Capitol Cherry Blossoms 5_feistyharriet_April 2014

Capitol Cherry Blossoms 8_feistyharriet_April 2014

Capitol Cherry Blossoms 11_feistyharriet_April 2014

Capitol Cherry Blossoms 10_feistyharriet_April 2014

Capitol Cherry Blossoms 15_feistyharriet_April 2014

Capitol Cherry Blossoms 16_feistyharriet_April 2014

More photos here. What is your favorite part of spring in your city?

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0 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms at the Capitol

  1. Damyanti

    There’s no spring in Singapore, where I live. No seasons at all, in fact.

    I want to see cherry blossoms before I die, and have been thrice to Japan in that pursuit, but all at just the wrong times, immediately before or after. Timing is everything if you want to see these flowers and I think you did a brilliant job of catching them in bloom, and on your camera.

    1. Feisty Harriet Post author

      I think I would ultimately miss the seasons, as much as I’d love some permanent warm weather. 😉

      I’m just glad I have a little evening stroll to see these blossoms, and not an expensive flight and hotel and everything. I hope you can see some blossoms someday!


    1. Feisty Harriet Post author

      Oh, I bet! I just keep repeating that line from Anne of Green Gables, the one about the white way of delight, and then edit it to be the pink way of delight, and it makes me ridiculously happy.

      I grew up in an orchard community and we had rows and rows and rows of flowering trees in the fields. Swoony.


  2. Traci

    Favorite part of spring in my current city is that it’s finally no longer WINTER. This winter was the worst. Also, I am moving to the DC area next spring, and I can’t wait to see the cherry blossoms there! I never have!


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