Christmas wishes, in no particular order

I finished my Christmas shopping (and wrapping) weeks ago and at the beginning of December I made the executive decision not to get a Christmas tree or even really decorate this year. I have a Trader Joe’s wreath on my door and a grocery store poinsettia on the table, and that’s it. I haven’t unwrapped ornaments, or put up twinkly lights, or hung stockings or carefully set out my Nativity carved from Botswana rosewood. I haven’t gone caroling or even listened to much Christmas music, and despite my best intentions, I didn’t send out Christmas cards. I haven’t been a complete Scrooge, in late October I made a spreadsheet of people to buy/make gifts for, an approximate budget, and a few ideas for each. By the end of November everything was purchased and after the first weekend in December it was wrapped and tagged. Out-of-state family will be receiving their boxes of goodies well before the holiday and my spreadsheet is satisfyingly highlighted in “complete” green. (My goal of having Christmas shopping complete by Thanksgiving was very nearly met, I was just a few days off.)

I’ve already bought myself a Christmas present (or three), but there are number of other things on my wish list that I’m hoping for on Christmas morning.

1. These swoony earrings, I’ve been looking for square diamond studs for ages to match my square wedding ring. I wear diamond studs every day, and these ones are so sleek and modern!


2. Canon Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens, 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6. I could probably buy camera equipment every year until I died, but with this lens addition I think I’ll be satisfied for a couple of years. I’ve got a macro lens, an awesome “every day” lens, and this would complete my little lens trifecta. At least, for a while.


3. A pretty, purpely original watercolor. I’ve been really loving lavender and soft purple lately, so much that I even pulled two dozen lavender paint chips to see about painting a wall in my apartment (it will probably be gray, not lavender, but this sweet little watercolor would certainly cheer up a fresh gray wall).


4. A delicious, emerald green, buttery leather purse. I’m not really one to switch purses every day or even every week, but I wear them out because I kind of give them a regular beating….and last spring’s purse (teal cross-body) is starting to show signs of…extra love.


5. John Steinbeck’s collection of letters. Steinbeck is perhaps my favorite author, and I’m sure that after reading his (probably patriarchal bullshit) letters I’ll change my opinion of him as a man, but maintain that he has unrivaled expertise in character development.


6. Gorgeous gold flatware from West Elm. Do you know how impossible it is to find lovely gold flatware? I’m not super in to mixing metals, and finding sets with gold spoon and fork ends is tricky, and finding ones that aren’t suffocating in filigree and carved florals and vines has proven, well, difficult.


7. A couple of days of relaxation and quiet with Mr. Blue Eyes. This one is a sure thing, but I’m so looking forward to turning off work and responsibilities for a long, luxurious weekend hanging out with my sweetheart.


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas full of lots of love, laughter, and surprises.

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0 thoughts on “Christmas wishes, in no particular order

  1. Nic

    I don’t know about all that other stuff, but that lens is quite tasty-looking. A wide-angle is something that’s seriously missing from my kit.

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of someone using a spreadsheet to track Christmas before. Points for meticulous attention to detail (and maybe slight OCD.)

  2. San

    Wow, you were surprisingly early and organized with your Christmas mail list…. impressive! Maybe that’s a good idea to actually have a quieter and less stressful Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰ btw, I’ll put something in the mail for you in the next few days… better late than never, right?

    1. Feisty Harriet Post author

      Honestly, the more I think about it the more I am determined to do the spreadsheet + early completion for Christmas gifts…it made my December SO much less stressful and more enjoyable!



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