Ya’ll, I have complaints. In fact, on any given day I have a list of complaints as long as my arm. Ok, that’s actually not really true. For the most part I’m not really a super complainer, not really. But sometimes…man, sometimes I just need to get it out. And that means you’ll get an ear-full or a feed-full of my rantiness in all it’s glory. Here is at least a small attempt to curb some of that ranting, at least the kind that doesn’t do any good.

What I want to stop complaining about:

1. Moving. I haven’t said much about it here (or really anything about it), but at the end of this year I am packing up my apartment, my beloved home I’ve lived in for 10 years, and moving 700 miles south to a city where I know exactly 6 people, 3 of whom are family and one who is only tangentially related (and a monster). I’m emotionally torn, but I also feel selfish for feeling that way. It’s my decision and after looking at all the pros and cons I know it is the best choice. However, for me the “pro” list only slightly outweighs the “con” list–and that makes the decision an emotionally difficult one.

2. A certain mico-managing colleague. And, in accordance with the wise law of dooce, I’ll just leave it at that.

3. My intolerable lady parts: graphic, bloody, TMI. Enough said.

4. My weight. This is 99% an internal complaint, and also a fairly recent development. I want to stop complaining and just fix the damn problem, all 40 pounds of it. I know how to do this (fewer cookies/boxes of pity-party macaroni and cheese, more exercise), but I somehow continue to eat the cookies and the pity mac and cheese and complain about my more rounded bits.

5. Oversharers, especially those on social media. Dear Harriet, just unfollow them. Stop complaining and stop allowing their annoying-to-you updates to clutter your feed. Just walk away.

What I will not stop complaining ranting lecturing educating everyone I meet about:

1. Feminism and the radical notion that women are people to and should be treated with a basic level of respect, equality, and kindness. This includes respect of images of women, words said by women, ideas put forth by women, and laws set down by women. “No” means “no” and “stop it!” means “stop it!” and “stop treating me like a set of boobs and legs” means “PAY ATTENTION TO SOMETHING OTHER THAN MY BODY!” I will yell about this my entire life, or until women have equal rights and opportunities and are treated with equal respect world-wide. So, my entire life. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

2. Equal rights and lack of prejudice against people who have a different skin color, religion, ethnic background, sexual preference, or political views than you. Stop it. Seriously, stop.

3. My intolerable lady parts: exploding ovarian cysts, endometriosis (newly diagnosed), excruciating doctor’s visits with TEN MILLION BIOPSIES TAKEN FROM INSIDE MY VAGINA!, and the general lack of control over super painful experiences inside my own body. I know I said I’d stop complaining about this I wanted to stop complaining about this, but no. I can’t. It’s just too much and too unfair to keep to myself. You’re welcome.

4. My love of hefty non-fiction and, therefore, my somewhat devil-may-care attitude towards YA fiction. Sorry/not sorry, but I can only intake so much fluff before I start to mentally float away and need something grounding, like evolutionary theory, or conditions in North Korea, or neuroscience, or economic practice, or whatever. And then I can’t won’t stop blabbering about all the cool stuff I learn in these books. I’m like a walking, talking, probably super annoying personal podcast. Again. You’re welcome.

5. Every year for several weeks I am loathe to go outside and enjoy the glorious spring sunshine and blooming flowers/trees because all of the flower/tree jizz gets up in my sinuses and creates a biological Niagara Falls, complete with sneezy, itchy eyes and a ridiculously high-dollar allowance for Kleenex with Lotion. I just, no. Not okay. Hear that, Nature? NOT OKAY! KEEP IT IN YOUR DAMN PLANTS!

So. What do you complain about? And what will you continue to complain about, come hell or high water?

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Inspired by ROE’s post at Giggles and Laundry.

0 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. Saskia

    1. The sun that has the audacity to wake me up super early in the morning. (Although we’ve recently installed black-out curtains, and woohoo, problem solved! No more complaints about this from me.)
    2. Mansplainers. They will be the death of me. (Or them, if the wrong one condescends to me one day and I attack him.)
    3. My weight, too. I’ve lost 25 lbs over the last year, so clearly, I know how to do this. But why is it so hard right now?
    4. YA fiction that uses vampires and other paranormal activity as shortcuts to good sales, rather than focusing on plot, style, or anything apparently not-important like that.
    5. My dissertation. (Two more months to go before I turn in the first draft! Only four before I’m scheduled to be done!)
    6. Jobs/career paths that sound so very, very interesting but all my degrees have not prepared me for. (Can also be listed under: academic job market that is likely to not want me, despite all these years I’ve spent excelling in school.)

    1. Feisty Harriet Post author

      See, I actually really love being woken up by the sun, it’s the only sure-fire way to get me out of bed. Black-out curtains in hotel rooms make me hedgy, I want sunshine.

      Also, mansplainers: THE WORST!


  2. Lacey Bean

    Amen sista! And OMG the move! Simultaneously super exciting and also terrifying!!!

    I’d like to complain about my job’s 8am start time, orange Starbursts and the fact that you and I still haven’t met 🙁

  3. Angella

    Our house has an accepted offer! The sale should go firm on Friday! We’ll have four weeks to pack up fourteen years of living here, and have no idea where we’re moving to! May is going to break me twenty times over.

  4. San

    Ugh, yes… YA. Can I please keep complaining about this! Cannot stand it.

    Also, agree on keeping up the feminist education. It’s still so very necessary.

    1. Feisty Harriet Post author

      Nothing can make me turn from normal human to rage-a-saurus faster than an anti-feminist ass-hat.


      On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 9:14 PM, Feisty Harriet wrote:


  5. Steffi

    Ha ha, I start work at 06:30 in the morning. So 8 sounds quite nice to me. But: I prefer it that way as I prefer to leave at quarter to 4 and have actually an afternoon and evening for other things.

    I would like to lose some weight too and I can’t stop eating. And I am a lazy bum and can’t motivate myself to really work out more than once a week. The riding alone is not cutting it.

    1. Feisty Harriet Post author

      I did a 6:00-3:00 shift for a while once upon a time and I sort of got used to the hours…but I never really loved them.

      And workout motivation is the wooooorst! Daaah. I struggle so much with this. Sigh. Baby steps, right?


  6. audrey

    I know how much you love your apartment, and I’m sorry you have to leave it, even if it does end up being for the best in the grand scheme of things. Good luck with the move, and all the complicated emotions that go along with it.

    1. Feisty Harriet Post author

      I really feel like it will take me 9 months to finally come to terms with the idea that I am leaving my home…but hey, come December I may chain myself to the stairs and refuse to budge. We’ll see.


      On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 3:25 PM, Feisty Harriet wrote:



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