Elkhorn Mountains, Montana

WesternMontana14_feistyharriet_July 2015

After spending a week in Arizona with Mr. Blue Eyes and his kiddos, we all made our way 1,000+ miles north to the land of cooler temperatures and a more relaxed way of life.

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Blue Eyes’ parents live in Big Sky Country, the heart of western Montana, surrounded by miles of ranch land nestled among the Elkhorn Mountains. Due to some work responsibilities I was only able to stay for a long weekend, but I took many naps, finished two books, and went wandering with my camera while the rancher-neighbors cut and baled hay.

Western Montana_feistyharriet_July 2015

WesternMontana2_feistyharriet_July 2015

The cool mountain air soothed my soul, the sunsets brought me peace, and spending a little time with Blue Eyes’ family and a whole pile of nieces and nephews kept me giggling and laughing all weekend. I caught toads with my nephews and watched baby birds with my nieces and wondered and marveled at the thing that is Evel Knievel Days and braided hair and played games and teased my brother-in-laws and chatted with my sister-in-laws. It was a delightful weekend in every way.

WesternMontana10_feistyharriet_July 2015

I had hoped to be able to take a few day-trips around the area and do a little photographic exploring, but there just wasn’t time this trip.

WesternMontana11_feistyharriet_July 2015

Hopefully next summer I can do some more exploring of the small towns and beautiful places of western Montana.

WesternMontan4_feistyharriet_July 2015

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