A proper list of unrelated things

When writing is hard and my thoughts are scattered, it always seems like a good idea to churn out a list. So, on that note:

I hate 3D movies. I don’t particularly like IMAX movies. 3D IMAX is an unnecessary nightmare of magnificent proportions.

I don’t particularly like Facebook, ESPECIALLY during election “season.” I’ve not signed on since July, and I’ve not really missed it, most of the time.

I love to cook, like, I really love it. I love trying out new recipes and I love making them up as I go.

I don’t like competition, it doesn’t drive or motivate me, I don’t care if I come in 1st, or 2nd, or 17th. Don’t care. Am just here for the experience.

I consider “family” as anyone/everyone who has your back, and those who don’t…honestly, I’m kind of okay writing them off as acquaintances, not family.

I cry. A lot. And I am not embarrassed about that (most of the time). I cry when I’m happy, or sad, or scared, or otherwise emotional, or for no reason whatsoever that is immediately discernible.

I’m not afraid of many things. I have anxiety like nobody’s business, but phobias? Not so much. I really don’t like the idea of sharks, I’ve never met a shark, so I can’t really state definitively “I hate sharks” but…I probably hate sharks. I am super skeezed out by praying mantises. Praying mantii? Whatever. Their tilty heads and creepy claws…nope. Nope, nope, nope. I am freaked out by zombies and aliens and unnecessarily loud noises, but, everyone is jumpy about that stuff, right?

I will almost always send or prefer to receive a text over a phone call. Or an email. Except, well, unless it’s a big deal, or you need emotional support, or it’s a birthday.

I have zero games on my phone…I have never had a game on my phone, actually, not since the days of Nokia and that awesome snake game. I realize you can probably download that same game to a fancy smart phone…but I don’t have any inclination to do so. Shrug.

I usually consider the glass half empty. Or maybe 60% empty. I’m a realist with a side of pessimism and, occasionally, a sunny disposition.

I don’t particularly love math, but I also took home a silver medal during a state math competition…so…there’s that.

I used to be known for my shoes, a different pair of heels every day, they were darling. I had a SHOE BLOG at one point for heaven’s sake. I still wear heels to work, cute heels, even, but after a ton of creepy fetishisty emails about my feet, uh, no more shoe blog.

I swear. A lot. I didn’t utter a single swear word until I was in my early 20’s, and until I was 30 I could count the number of F-bombs I’d dropped on one hand. It used to be a point of pride, how little I cursed…I don’t really care anymore. Sometimes you just need a good swear word. Or twelve.

What about you? Any list of random facts you’d care to unload?


6 thoughts on “A proper list of unrelated things

    1. Feisty Harriet Post author

      Oh man, it got BAAAAD. SO many creepy emails of people making super gross comments, asking for additional pictures of my feet, asking me to wear a certain type of shoe and THEN take a send a picture of my feet….it was just too much. Blergh.


  1. Saskia

    I love the math one. And I hate 3D movies because I’m super jumpy and also, 3D glasses over regular glasses are a pain.

    Two things about me that usually gets people going, “huh,”: I’ve never been drunk, never plan to, and I may be Dutch but the only place I’ve ever smoked weed was in Utah. (This might not work for a Mormon audience, though.)

  2. nonsequiturchica

    I have yet to see a 3D movie! I don’t get to movies very often and just don’t see the point.

    I am super competitive, but it has toned down a bit in the last couple of years. Once I raced my law school friend in who could fill up their blood donation bag faster (I won). 🙂

    1. Feisty Harriet Post author

      Re: 3D movies. NOT WORTH IT!

      Re: filling a blood bag….yeeeah, they were worried that my blood bag would be at room temp too long and be unusable…me and my veins are NOT on good terms. Ha!



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