Summer Bucket List: 2014

This summer is already promising to be super crazy and busy in the work-family-life balance sheet, but I do want to make sure I get a solid run of awesome things in before the weather turns cool again. Blue Eyes and I will have his kids for 3 weeks in July, and I certainly hope they can participate in many of these with us. However, I also know that most of that time will be spent with family and family is first. The following is my bucket list to be completed between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend:

  1. Visit the farmer’s market – bonus points for riding my bike
  2. Wear white pants successfully
  3. Climb a mountain, a big one
  4. Make homemade ice cream
  5. Roast marshmallows with my stepkids
  6. Dangle my bare feet in a cold mountain stream
  7. Attend a bonfire – bonus points for spending the evening updating our plan for the zombie apocalypse
  8. Make out with that very handsome husband of mine, a lot
  9. Sleep under the stars – bonus points if I can see the milky way
  10. 21 days as a vegetarian
  11. Go to a baseball game (one will suffice), and sit on the lawn
  12. Run a 5k for a good cause
  13. Many, many photo walks around my neighborhood and the surrounding canyons
  14. Go to a rodeo, yeehaw!
  15. Hike in red rock country
  16. Read a whole pile of books, a big pile, obviously
  17. Dinner in the canyon – bonus points for cooking said dinner over an open fire
  18. Attend an outdoor concert
  19. Eat lots and lots of corn on the cob
  20. Watch the sunset from a beautiful vantage point
  21. Keep my tomato plant alive
  22. Make it to September without getting any tan lines (meaning, no tan, not nekkid tanning)
  23. Go to the wildflower festival, take an inordinate amount of photos
  24. Go to Food Truck Thursday for lunch
  25. Take a midnight walk, preferably with an enormous full moon and a sky full of stars
  26. Schedule a personal day off work, take myself out to brunch and get a pedicure, for no other reason than I can.
  27. Go camping
  28. Eat strawberries off the vine – bonus points if they are sun warmed
  29. Visit one of the formal gardens in my city
  30. Go on an overnight motorcycle adventure with my sweetheart

Expect a full report in September! What is on your bucket list for this summer?

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