Arizona Home Tour: Master Bedroom and Bathroom

It seems like I’ve been fighting yellow-tan walls for at least a decade, and when we moved into our Arizona house that battle continued: everything was yellowy-brown. It felt like every single room was wall-to-wall cardboard, and turning on lightbulbs only exacerbated the problem. In the last year Mr. Blue Eyes and I have painted almost every single wall in our home in grays or blues and I cannot tell you how much lighter and brighter and COOLER it makes everything seem.

Arizona House Tour_Master Bedroom_feistyharriet_Sept 2016 (9)

When we moved in, our bedroom consisted of yellow-tan walls and a mattress on the floor. Slowly we’ve upgraded and updated and while it’s not exactly the way I’d like it–I still have dreams of a live-edge headboard–it is SO MUCH BETTER than where we started. A California King bed and new bedding, dressers and book cases, cool gray and navy blue paint, a gallery wall of some of my favorite photographs…it truly is a whole new room. There is a large archway from our bedroom to the master bath, so everything there needed to be updated as well with grays and blues and a little bit of hot pink, because, why not.

Arizona House Tour_Master Bedroom_feistyharriet_Sept 2016 (3)

This is one of my favorite little spots in the house. I took the photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, the yucca print is from Bison Paper Company, and that gorgeous oil painting is by Cristall Harper, a gift from Blue Eyes that I love more than anything he’s ever given me.

Arizona House Tour_Master Bedroom_feistyharret_Sept 2016 (1)

A place for all my dangly earrings, my rings are in the little cups, and Picasso’s Don Quixote. Love, love, love.

Arizona House Tour_Master Bedroom_feistyharriet_Sept 2016 (2)

Why yes, I did move a half-dozen books off my bedside table just for the photo. Ahem.

Arizona House Tour_Master Bedroom_feistyharriet_Sept 2016 (4)

I don’t know if gallery walls are still “in” or not, but I can’t find a better solution for getting all the art that speaks to me in a place I can see it every day. I took most of those photos over the last several years, and it makes me happy to have so many memories right on my wall.

Arizona House Tour_Master Bathroom_feistyharriet_Sept 2016 (8)

The gray walls and leafy plants make this feel almost spa-like, which makes my mornings feel a lot less oppressive (I am NOT a morning person. At all.).

Arizona House Tour_Master Bedroom_feistyharriet_Sept 2016 (6)

Part of me feels like it has taken 1,000 years to get our house transformed from yellow-tan-cardboard to something that doesn’t make my eye twitch; I keep reminding myself that I’ve lived here for 9 months, and having the vast majority of the house 90% “done” is a huge accomplishment. The other pieces will come together in time, and until then, at least I have a few little sanctuary-like spots where I can breathe.